Enjoying the shadows, working from the playroom.

I’m very jealous

All The Way

I do miss some of the lunch options near the office, but being able to this for lunch is pretty special.

Squishy blobs as far as the eye can see. Pleurobrachia pileus, maybe.

This makes me happier than it should

Screenshot of email forwarding rule, hey@mbehan.com forwards to mbehan@hey.com

I came across this photo today of my early 2010 work desk. I miss that interface builder, before it became part of Xcode. Back when you could make “pixel perfect” 320 * 480 apps. It’s funny that I can recall those dimensions off the top of my head, I’d have to google it if I wanted to know the dimensions of the iPhone X screen I’m typing this on.

I also kinda miss that dell monitor, I forget what size it was exactly, but it was big enough and that 4:3 aspect ratio is rare now. I took that from my parents house when I moved out. It weighed a lot, my arm ached the day I quit that job and lugged it home, walking through town.

I don’t remember why I had my windows laptop there but I remember I usually did, and that I loved that tiny Sony Vaio, still probably the favourite laptop I’ve ever owned.

Was thinking of the various different tech stacks I’ve worked on in my career, because I was about to say that X was my favourite (after iOS, obviously!) but it turns out I’ve really liked everything I’ve worked on. My brief stint as a PHP developer stands out as the least happy part of my career but I think the PHP was fine in retrospect, it was the company and the project I didn’t like.

I suppose it turns out I just love programming and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have a career doing it, making some interesting things with nice people along the way.

Just got done getting the Kano Star Wars coding kit set up and doing the first set of coding challenges with the 7 year old. We both really enjoyed it, would recommend.

Head downstairs for a break from all the work zoom calls, see if I can help with the homeschooling for a bit, aaand he’s on Zoom.

There was a thing on the beach

Evening walk

The hill

As a father to two Americans, today we celebrate cultural appropriation