I wonder would more people take it seriously if they called it climate destabilisation instead of global warming.

You can tell there’s Nutella in the house by the spoon in my pocket.

The battery died before we could see the water cycle experiment in action but at least we can fall back on the real one in the background

He’s convinced there’s ice-cream stored down there.

Impressed by the iPhone’s video stabilisation. This was handheld while cycling on the beach.

Made cherry pie with the boys.

Night mode + fiddling with sliders

The latest instalment of Things on the Beach

Deploy to staging

I keep trying to hum The Mandelorian theme but Law and Order comes out instead.

You gotta love Apple’s opening the box experience.

The tree has arrived

Festive face mask season is finally upon us.

So, I deleted my Twitter account.

Enjoying the shadows, working from the playroom.

I’m very jealous

All The Way