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2022-09-26: There was a time when Apple wouldn’t let your personalise things in case you made something …



2022-05-28: Turns out there’s a name for what I’ve been doing, that it’s not just me, and it’s not a good thing. …

2022-02-06: Helpful

2021-12-26: My “concerts” category is exclusively podcast live recordings and WWDC events.


2021-09-07: Fog during my lunchtime walk / solo kickabout. Old man practicing golf alone walked over to ask me …

2021-08-10: Lunchtime walk around the lake I discovered while looking at a map of a bike ride I did on Strava. …

2021-07-16: I hope these outdoor dining instead of parking spots don’t have to go away when things ‘go back to …


2021-06-06: I just cycled dead centre


2021-05-29: It’s a medium sized trampoline, but a very large hammock.

2021-05-28: Who says the touch bar can’t be useful?


2021-05-10: The Marino Software notebook has found a new lease of life.


2021-05-03: Attempting to adjust the volume while walking.



2021-04-21: It started with the kids excited to see a rescue helicopter up close but ended with me trying to …

2021-04-11: The young Zefram Cochrane reaching toward the future.



2021-04-02: Beach was too busy for my liking today so took to the cliffs, and Bremore Castle.



2021-03-23: You don’t get to choose which day is annual remember Derrick Comedy was a thing and watch all …

2021-03-19: Chocolate ice cream cake with a surprise Phish Food layer

2021-03-17: Preparing the way for our impending trampoline upgrade is my Paddy’s day project

2021-03-15: Post-work walk.


2021-02-21: I wonder would more people take it seriously if they called it climate destabilisation instead of …

2021-02-16: You can tell there’s Nutella in the house by the spoon in my pocket.

2021-02-10: The battery died before we could see the water cycle experiment in action but at least we can fall …

2021-02-06: He’s convinced there’s ice-cream stored down there.


2021-01-30: Impressed by the iPhone’s video stabilisation. This was handheld while cycling on the beach.

2021-01-17: Made cherry pie with the boys.

2021-01-02: Night mode + fiddling with sliders

2021-01-01: The latest instalment of Things on the Beach

2020-12-21: Deploy to staging

2020-12-20: I keep trying to hum The Mandelorian theme but Law and Order comes out instead.


2020-12-18: You gotta love Apple’s opening the box experience.


2020-12-04: The tree has arrived

2020-12-02: Festive face mask season is finally upon us.


2020-11-23: So, I deleted my Twitter account.


2020-10-05: Enjoying the shadows, working from the playroom.


2020-08-31: I’m very jealous


2020-08-20: All The Way



2020-07-22: I do miss some of the lunch options near the office, but being able to this for lunch is pretty …

2020-07-06: Squishy blobs as far as the eye can see. Pleurobrachia pileus, maybe.


2020-06-27: This makes me happier than it should

2020-06-21: I came across this photo today of my early 2010 work desk. I miss that interface builder, before it …





2020-05-20: Was thinking of the various different tech stacks I’ve worked on in my career, because I was …

2020-05-17: Just got done getting the Kano Star Wars coding kit set up and doing the first set of coding …

2020-05-15: Head downstairs for a break from all the work zoom calls, see if I can help with the homeschooling …

2020-05-12: There was a thing on the beach

2020-05-09: Evening walk


2020-05-06: The hill

2020-05-05: As a father to two Americans, today we celebrate cultural appropriation

2020-05-04: Covid Camping

2020-05-03: Chocolate cake today 🍰

2020-05-02: Our first bread attempt 🍞