Michael Behan

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I came across this photo today of my early 2010 work desk. I miss that interface builder, before it became part of Xcode. Back when you could make “pixel perfect” 320 * 480 apps. It’s funny that I can recall those dimensions off the top of my head, I’d have to google it if I wanted to know the dimensions of the iPhone X screen I’m typing this on.

I also kinda miss that dell monitor, I forget what size it was exactly, but it was big enough and that 4:3 aspect ratio is rare now. I took that from my parents house when I moved out. It weighed a lot, my arm ached the day I quit that job and lugged it home, walking through town.

I don’t remember why I had my windows laptop there but I remember I usually did, and that I loved that tiny Sony Vaio, still probably the favourite laptop I’ve ever owned.